Gregory Nicolau – Training in Launceston and Hobart in May

Thinking Mind Reptilian Brain – a mindful approach to behaviour change and healing


The best tool we have as adults to create a healing environment for children and young people are our thinking minds. However, when we do not accurately assess what is happening in the internal world of the child or young person, our reactions may add to the child or young person’s trauma and sense that they are not good enough. This seminar will take the mystery out of very complex processes. We will explore how the theory of childhood trauma can be translated into practice, that is, the work you do in the face to face moments of care.


The following objectives will be addressed:

  • To define optimal mental health
  • To understand the inner working model of children and young people who have experienced abuse and broken attachments that lead to challenging behaviours
  • To recognise how to gauge the emotional maturity of a child or young person
  • To learn how to assess when a child is switched on to what you have to say
  • To appreciate the impact that stress plays on the ability for a child or young person to make good choices
  • To identify when a child or young person is not coping
  • To learn how to monitor your own early warning signs and assess when you might be about to ‘flip your lid’ and how to stay in your thinking mind.

Hobart Thursday May 18th

Launceston Friday May 19th

This is free for foster and kinship carers so please contact

Australian Childhood Trauma Group
Phone: +61 3 9415 6066 / Fax: +61 3 9415 6085

Consulting Rooms:
3 St David Street,
Fitzroy VIC 3065
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