(Foster and Kinship Care Advocacy and Support Team)

The Foster and Kinship Carer’s Association of Tasmania established FAST in 2005 with the aim of providing greater levels of support and advocacy for Foster and Kinship Carers. This move was in response to both state and national surveys that indicated that carers would prefer to be supported by foster care peak bodies and other Foster Carers.

FAST is a team of trained Foster and Kinship Carers that have volunteered to provide support, advice and advocate on the behalf of other Foster or Kinship Carers either in a group or individual basis. Some of the issues covered by FAST include the Child and Young Persons Act, funding for those in care, complaints in care, insurance, planning for leaving and after care guidelines.

At the present time we have one FAST representatives for each of the three regions in the State. They have the capacity to provide advice, support and advocacy to all carers in their region and can also provide face to face support to carers within proximity or tele link into meetings where needed. The FAST representative provides a local avenue for Foster and Kinship Carers to receive advice, support and/or advocacy on individual matters.


Phone Support Line

1800 149 994



  • Dr Julian Watchorn
Southern Regional Delegate
  • Trish McMillian
Northern Regional Delegate
  • Anita Jones
North West Regional Delegate
  • Maggie Phillips



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